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What's an AsPredicted?
It is a standardized pre-registration that requires only what's necessary to separate exploratory from confirmatory analyses. You will easily generate a pre-registration document that takes less effort to evaluate than it takes to evaluate the published study itself.

How does it work?
  • One author briefly answers 9 questions.
  • All participating authors receive an email asking for approval.
  • If everyone approves, it is saved and stays private until an author acts to make it public, or it remains private forever. (Why?)
  • Authors may share anonymous .pdf with reviewers.
  • If made public, a single-page .pdf is generated. That document can be used as a supplement. (See sample)
  • The .pdf contains a unique URL that allows for one-click verification. That URL can be included in the paper.
  • The .pdf is automatically stored in the web-archive. (See sample)
  • There are no accounts, userids, or passwords.
What if things don't go "as predicted"
You can just say so in the paper:
  • "Contrary to expectations, we found that..."
  • "Unexpectedly, we also found that..."
  • "In addition to the analyses we pre-registered we also ran..."
  • "We encountered an unexpected situation, and followed our Standard Operating Procedure" (.pdf)