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'Children's exposure to risks online: influence of age and personality'
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Created:       08/15/2018 11:02 AM (PT)

This is an anonymized version of the pre-registration.  It was created by the author(s) to use during peer-review.
A non-anonymized version (containing author names) should be made available by the authors when the work it supports is made public.

1) Have any data been collected for this study already?
It's complicated. We have already collected some data but explain in Question 8 why readers may consider this a valid pre-registration nevertheless.

2) What's the main question being asked or hypothesis being tested in this study?
1. Age-related hypotheses:
a. Exposure to online risks will increase with age during adolescence.
b. With increased age, children will report exposure to risks more to friends and less to parents. (Teachers will always be the group least reported to.)
c. Conflicts will peak in early adolescence (8th grade more than 6th grade but less than 10th grade / university students).
d. Worry about online risks will not increase with age (when controlling for amount of exposure to risks).
2: Personality-related hypotheses:
a. Openness to experience will be associated with more experience of online risks.
b. Conscientiousness will be associated with less experience of online risks, and more reporting to parents.
c. Extraversion will be associated with more reporting of incidents, especially to friends.
d. Agreeableness will be assocated with fewer arguments and conflicts online.
e. Neuroticism will be assocated with more worry about online risks.

3) Describe the key dependent variable(s) specifying how they will be measured.
Self-report questionnaires (online and in paper form), examining:
- Amount of exposure to online risks
- How much online risks are reported, and to whom
- Experience of arguments and conflicts online
- Degree of worry about online risks
Link to questionnaire: http://psicologiauniandes.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_daiAO2TRwc1t1it

4) How many and which conditions will participants be assigned to?
There will be no experimental conditions, since this is a quasi-experiment using age and personality as the independent variables.

5) Specify exactly which analyses you will conduct to examine the main question/hypothesis.
Multiple regression analysis using age and personality as predictors of the dependent variables named above.

6) Describe exactly how outliers will be defined and handled, and your precise rule(s) for excluding observations.
Participants who clearly weren't filling in the questionnaire seriously will be discarded (e.g. if they give a series of answers all with one value, or make silly verbal comments in text fields).

7) How many observations will be collected or what will determine sample size?
No need to justify decision, but be precise about exactly how the number will be determined.

About 180. Based on research assistant time available to go into schools. More (about 90) may be added in an older age group if there are no significant differences between 6th and 8th grade.

8) Anything else you would like to pre-register?
(e.g., secondary analyses, variables collected for exploratory purposes, unusual analyses planned?)

Data already collected but have not been examined, and hypotheses were written down before collecting data.