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AsPredicted Questions
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This blog post on how to answer pre-registration questions may be a useful resource.

1) Data collection. Have any data been collected for this study already?

2) Hypothesis. What's the main question being asked or hypothesis being tested in this study?

3) Dependent variable. Describe the key dependent variable(s) specifying how they will be measured.

4) Conditions. How many and which conditions will participants be assigned to?

5) Analyses. Specify exactly which analyses you will conduct to examine the main question/hypothesis.

6) Outliers and Exclusions. Describe exactly how outliers will be defined and handled, and your precise rule(s) for excluding observations.

7) Sample Size. How many observations will be collected or what will determine sample size?
No need to justify decision, but be precise about exactly how the number will be determined.

8) Other. Anything else you would like to pre-register?
(e.g., secondary analyses, variables collected for exploratory purposes, unusual analyses planned?)

9) Name. Give a title for this AsPredicted pre-registration
Suggestion: use the name of the project, followed by study description.

Finally. For record keeping purposes, please tell us the type of study you are pre-registering.