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Support: FAQ

1. We need to change something (e.g., wording, typo, etc.) in our pre-registration, can you change it for us?
No. In order to transparently communicate that a pre-registration was not altered after data were collected no changes are allowed, this includes typos, incoherent analyses, etc. Authors can explain in their paper any shortcomings in their pre-registrations, or choose not to use their pre-registrations, but they may not modify them.

2. I created a .pdf of a pre-registration by mistake, can you make it private again?
No. For transparency and credibility of the pre-registration system, once a link to the pre-registration is created, the link must always be available. This is why when requesting a .pdf be created in order to share the pre-registration users are warned the change is not reversible. The most important property of pre-registration is that they are time-stamped record and thus edits are not allowed.

3. I indicated two pre-registrations are related and they were bundled but I made a mistake, they are not related, can you unbundle them for me?
No. For transparency and credibility of the pre-registration system, once something is included in a shared pre-registration it must always be included, and that includes links to other pre-registrations the authors indicated were related.

4. Something is wrong with how my pre-registration is displayed, can you fix it?
Yes. We will fix anything that is our responsibility. Examples include titles that do not fit the .pdf width, characters that do not display correctly.

5. I no longer have access to my old email account, can you help me recover my old-pre-registrations?
Yes. Please try correcting this on your own first.
If you do not succeed, email us at and we will give you access to your old pre-registrations.

6. It's somethign else
For anything not listed above please email us at