AsPredicted: Email Change (1)

Change your AsPredicted email

You may want to update the email you use in becuase:
  • You are moving to a new institution and your email is changing
  • You want to start using your non-instituitional email, e.g.,
  • You want to consolidate AsPredicteds associated with two different email addresses. For example, you may have some AsPredicteds under and others under, but it would be more convenient to have all your AsPredicteds under a single email address.

Email you want to stop using:

Email you want to start/continue using:

Note: If you no longer have access to your old email account, to make the change you will need to contact us because you will be unable to confirm the change via the email verifiation process (you will not get the link you need to prove you are OK with it).